Group Activities

Research shows that people living with Dementia often withdraw from social activities because of their difficulty in finding the right words to use. This results in isolation. Isolation could cause the individual with dementia to feel vulnerable, which could subsequently expose the individual to abuse. Group activities provide the avenue to help individuals to socialise within their community and this can improve their quality of life and self-worth.

Raising Awareness 

At CCDS we believe that when people have the knowledge about vascular dementia it could affect how we see or do things in relation to our health and day-to-day living. Due to this, we create awareness at social and faith gatherings, community gatherings, and at workplaces.

Beneficiaries of our Services

  • Individual living with dementia
  • Families
  • The community
  • Businesses

One-to-One support

We give home visits and one-to-one support to the individual living with dementia and their family. When the family of people leaving with dementia is well supported it empowers them to support the individual better.

Contact Us

Chief Cornerstone Dementia Services

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Phone: 07886737729

About Us

CC Dementia Service is a non-governmental and not for profit organisation, we operate based on Christian principles and values of love, respect and above adequate care.