At CCDS, we are able to work in partnership with related organisations and collaborate with other community-interest businesses. We do not just want to partner with you, we want to have a healthy relationship with you and we know that together we can support people living with dementia.


  • Collaboration with other organisation within the community

  • Aging Gracefully Project: The discovery project is a project that will be using reminiscence to carry out social activities with people living with mild to moderate dementia.

There is evidence that people that are living with dementia exhibit memory problems by forgetting things, being unable to find the right word to use, or talking out of the point of discussion. This has been found to be the reason why people living with dementia could withdraw and isolate themselves from social life or any form of conversation. The Discovery will address this by helping the individual affected by dementia to come out and socialise with other people in the community in an environment that is dementia friendly. This will help individuals to come out of isolation, meet with other people in the community, help them to communicate comfortably, and make their needs known, thereby bringing about confidence, increase in self-esteem and self-worth, and reducing the individual's vulnerability.



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CC Dementia Service is a non-governmental and not for profit organisation, we operate based on Christian principles and values of love, respect and above adequate care.